Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New HP touch smart computer

UPDATE: turns out that 2 of the blogs that I visit everyday are hosting this Fantabulous giveaway! So the other blog that I visit is Kelly at, she is great, and has an adorable little girl!

Ok so I was looking at a blog that I visit VERY often, like every day ! ( she is great and has not 1 but 4 cute children) And she has gotten the chance to host a giveaway of a brand spankin new HP touch smart computer! Do you know how groovy it would be to win this bad boy? So I have left her a message, facebooked about it and now I am blogging about it. So I can get my three chances in to WIN this awesome computer. I just wouldnt know what to do with myself. I could actually possibly mess with some photo stuff and create some cute cute pics of this little man!!!!!