Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big girls need Life Insurance To

Ok so I am just gonna vent a little here! So about 2 weeks ago, the husband and I go and sign ourselves up for some life insurance, you know, the responsible adult thing to do, since now its not just us we have to support! So yeah, we go after work one day sit for 45 mins - 1 hour getting all the necessary paperwork filled out. Only for me to get a letter in the mail 1 week later stating that I have been denied for Life Insurance due to Medical reasons!

Medical Reasons!!! Seriously? Am I sick? Am I dying? What is medically wrong with me that I dont know? Well after a few phone calls ( or no phone call) I fianlly recieved my call today telling me the exact Medical reason! Are you ready for this? Im over-weight! Seriously tell me something that I didnt know...hahaha.....but seriously, they are denying me all together because I am 15 -20 pounds over-weight!

So Im over-weight yeah yeah..........but this is why I am ticked..........WHY COULD THEY NOT HAVE JUST SENT ME A LETTER SAYING " Hey lady you are Fat, loose weight and try again" lol.....no seriously, why not just say, we are denying your claim, because you are a few pounds over our limit! Instead they went the easy way with Medical Reasons! Had me thinking there was somthing wrong, that even I didnt know was wrong!

So now my question is............What do BIG people do if they can qulify for life insurance, and something happens.......I honestly think that they should just make Bigger people pay more, regardless of how over-weight they are!!!!!!!! I mean seriously BIG PEOPLE NEED LIFE INSURANCE TO! I think this is just the insurances way of getting out of something like this! For heavens sake....Im sure they make their moneys worth off of young people (or young peoples parents) who sign up and pay for life insurance for 60 -70 years..

So Im just saying.....this really ticks me off......so guess now my fat butt needs to go on a diet and shed these 15 -20 pounds........then maybe this big girl can get some like insurance!!!!