Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby boy update!

Well baby boy is finally better, it seems that his stuffy nose is finally coming to an end! Thank GOD, I honestly dont know how much more I could have taken from the in-laws before I blew up! I look back at before I had him and I seriously dont know what I did without is such a joy to have! I look forward to picking him up from daycare, and him jabbering all the way home to me, like he has a days worth of stuff that he just has to tell me! But let me tell you, that is the only time I can get his little but to jabber to soon as we get home, its all about his daddy! That boy loves his daddy......I am so glad though, hes not a clingy mommas boy! Only when he is sick or sleepy! But Jay is getting much better at getting him to sleep, his patience is getting much better also. I love to just sit and watch my two boys laugh and talk to each other! Its the greatest feeling in the world to be a mommy! But anyways, as soon as I get my pics off of my camera onto a disk I will most definatly post some of the most adorable pics you have ever seen in your life!

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