Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First of all I just wanted to say....... Will has a tooth!!! I felt it last night while sitting and watching my little sis play powder-puff football! He is the sweetest thing, just sittin there letting me put my fingers all in his mouth to check for some teeth! and sure enough I found one!!! Im so excited, he couldnt figure out what all the excitement was about...but thats still excited!

On another note......we went to walmart the other night to get some things, and I got the cutest darn picture of Will in a shoping cart, so I thought that I might share it with yall!

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  1. Oh yes, he's cute and he already knows it! Teeth, while I'm sure they are exciting now, I bet they won't be when he bites you with them! Look at him holding on to that buggy! BTW - I think you should update your blog with a new pic of him, look how much he's changed since then!