Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekly Wrighting Assignment

I was reading the prompts of Mama Kats weekly writing assignment. And I decided that I was actually going to participate this time!!! So if you would like to participate also, here are the prompts:

The Prompts:

1.) How did you meet your best friend?(inspired by Kati from Country Girl, City Life)

2.) What are you feeling guilty about? or Memories of your childhood home.(inspired by Josie from Sleep Is For The Weak)

3.) Tell why you are ecstatic "The one that got away" got away.(inspired via twitter by Jay from Halftime Lessons)

4.) Have you found your bliss? What path did you take to get there? or are you still searching)(inspired by Carma from Carma Sez)

5.) Create a conversation between one of these three couples:(inspired by myself)

I have actually decided to go with prompt number 1 and prompt number 5……so yes I am going out on a limb on this and doing two of them!!!

Prompt #1: How did you meet your best friend?

So this is a story all about how my life got twisted /turned up side down, and Id like to take a minute, just sit right there, and I will tell you how I became friends with my best friend!( I know the song is stuck in your head now….hahaha) but anyways to continue........

So I moved to Alabama when I was 12 years old…….my dad decided that he wanted to move here, so we did. We loaded up all of our possessions that we could fit into a UHAUL truck and into the back of my parents Jeep Cherokee and we headed to Alabama. We would figure out where we would live when we got there! My dads’ family lives here in Alabama, so we figured it would be OK! We drove 8 hours all the way up here, I cried probably 6 hours of the trip! I was loosing all of my friends and family that I had known since I was little! What in the world was I going to do now?

Well I will tell you what I did……My mom enrolled me and my older sister in school shortly after we made it to our destination, and I began my 6th grade year at a new school with new people that I didn’t know! Was I scared? Sure……but I figured what the heck, I better make the best of it, because we weren’t going back to Florida! So I started trying to make friends. Some people were nice, and others were just mean to me!

The first time I ever met my BEST friend was when I got put into the same class as her for our homeroom teacher. She was one of the first people to be mean to me! Yes you read that right! She was mean to me to begin with! But after a day or so she realized just how cool I really was…..Ha-ha….no really she realized that she was trying to hang with the wrong type of people and that I was different than them! That I was generally a nice person who didn’t judge someone because of their clothes or their haircut! So from 6th grade on we have been inseparable! Don’t get me wrong we have had our disputes, but no matter what we have dealt with the differences and moved on!!!

So here is to 13 years of friendship…..Best Friend………and to many more to come!

Prompt #5: Create a conversation between one of these three couples:

I chose to do a conversation between the 3rd couple

Mrs. - Would you get off of me!

Mr. - I just wanted some sugar!

Mrs. – That’s fine…….just don’t kiss my freaking neck you know I can’t stand it!

Mr. – Ohhhhhh is it driving you Nuts?

Mrs. - Yes….but not like you wish it did… get off of me! ~!!!!

Mr. – But………

Mrs. – but nothing….get off……..why do you always do that while I’m cooking dinner or something! It’s not like it turns me on! Get off!

Mr. - (sulks away mad….because in the end he didn’t even get any sugar!!!!!)

So now you take your turn at trying one of these Weekly Writing Assignments!

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