Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

So I thought that I would participate in MckMamas' Not Me Monday blog canival! So if you would also like to admit something you "didnt" do (but actually did), then hop on over and join in on the fun @

This past thursday I did not lock my 7 month old in the car, and then I did not freak out and run around the car 2 times to make sure I hadnt missed a door handle on the first trip around!

And this said 7 month old did not sit in the car for 30 - 45 mins before someone could come and get him out!

Again this said 7 month did not slither out the bottom of his stroller and stand at the bottom and think that it was to funny that I did not see him stading there! (really I didnt even know he had exscaped!)

And again this said 7 month old was not standing up in his crib holding on to the side, I did not notice it and instantly run to grab my cell phone to grab a quick picture, which I did not turn around immediatly and send it to my mom to look at her big boy grandbaby! All while he was still standing up!!!

And I so did not just post that said picture and think "awww he is getting so big!!!"

Not me, not ever......I always pay attention to where and what he is doing!!!


  1. Did you find him like this again? Or is this from the same morning I came in and saw him doing this (Saturday)? Look at that smile! He's such a stinker.

  2. This is the same morning that I called yall in there to look at him! He has been doing all weekend though! Im still soooo excited about it!